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Software Customization, Deployment and Support

Our experienced technical team will provide installation and maintenance services for both domestic and commercial premises. We are known for our professional, reliable and friendly service and in particular building a relationship of trust with our clients' from the start and, as a result, have a long established regular client base. As part of this service we use our expertise to consult and guide the project from inception to completion. ‘YOU ARE NEVER LEFT ALONE’

Outsourced Documents Scanning and Digital Archiving

At Busicon Group we provided outsource scanning, data capture, document management, document conversion and processing services. Using our sophisticated high speed scanners and Capture software we have the capacity to scan over 60,000 pages per day and digitally archive a document from whatever format it is in, and convert it to an easy to-access format. Documents scanned are stored on a CD-ROM or a storage medium of your choice.We have specialized book scanners to delicately handle the scanning of even the most fragile book and documents without any physical contact to the original pages. This can be done in either grayscale or color. Our scanning services can be performed either off-site or on-site at any of your location of your choice. Often documents are either valuable, in constant use, or highly confidential. Either way, the ideal solution is for us to bring people, equipment and expertise to your site, so your information does not have to leave your site. Documents can be scanned, indexed and archived so that they are ready for installation to a Central Document Repository

Re-organisation and relocation of Archives

Offsite storage for hard copy documents is a part of our document management solution. Paper documents occupy so much space in the office that can be better utilized. Depending on your industry or the size of your business, you may be legally compelled to store files in a safe offsite location. The records you need protected—whether original documents or digital data—may not contain artifacts from our nation’s history, but to you and your business, their security is vital.

Three steps we take to create a robust archive are that we:

  1. Analyse, design and develop the physical document storage
  2. Re- Orientation and rearrangement of the Archive
  3. Cataloguing of Folders in Archive This can be set up at the choice of location of the organization

Document Shredding

We have industrial shredders that are able to shred large amounts of documents at the same time which ensures that are company’s secrets or client information are destroyed appropriately and kept hidden. We have an experienced team of people who are well equipped with the right procedures of destroying company documents

Hardware supply and Maintenance

We supply a range of Scanners and Storage Devices (Jukebox’s) to clients and have highly trained professional who are able to train, maintain and assist with any problems that might arise in the usage of the hardware.


Busicon group believes training of staff is very important in the effective running of the business. Therefore our professional trainers provide a systematic training program to help personnel function efficiently when using our solutions. We offer a wide range of training courses for non computer professionals to Executive Management who require an understanding of our solutions. Our experienced trainers teach you to use our products to your best advantage, combining hands-on, focused teaching methods with high-quality, globally consistent training materials. Training courses take place where it suits you, either in our well-equipped office, at your own site or with partners abroad.


We provide consultancy in our areas of expertise. This may be from half a day to longer periods. Our consultants will provide you with a quality solution designed to meet your specification. Our Consultants are elite holders of various certifications including Citrix Certified Expert Administrators (CCEA), Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNP), Prince 2, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), and Microsoft Certified Database Administrators (MCDBA) with years of industry experience. Our Consultants are also highly experienced, and this enables us to provide a range of proven Solutions to customers both locally & internationally and stand with you from project design to implementation to final sign off, and post-implementation support. We are in partnership with major vendors, providing us with privileged usage and significant expertise of software products prior to their release. This expertise is then passed to our customers as we work with you to implement modern solutions within your business.

Our consulting services include:

  1. Document Management
  2. Project Management
  3. Change Management
  4. Information Security
  5. Bespoke training on our software solutions
  6. Operating Systems and Application Installation and upgrades
  7. Network security and administration
  8. Server configuration, monitoring, and optimizing
  9. Remote access solutions
  10. Wireless networking

Formulating a strategy to manage the life cycle of documents can be complicated and frequently companies do not have the internal skills required to do this. Employing the expertise requirements of our consultant to audit your document management processes and archive requirements usually gives a more independent assessment backed by the experience of many years of operational and implementation experience.


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