Kodak capture Pro Software

Make Your Paper Powerful

You deal with forms, documents, records, and more, and paper isn’t going away. Kodak Capture Pro Software turns your paper documents into business advantage by streamlining information capture. You get accurate information faster to drive more efficient business processes, better decision-making, and superior customer service

Kodak Capture Pro Software helps you quickly convert batches of paper documents into information you can use

  • Intelligent Job Select takes advantage of specific patch code separator sheets to automate job switching and profiles
  • Supports searchable PDF, PDF-A, compressed color PDF, PDF bookmarks, fast Web view, and others
  • Scan once and get color/bitonal or grayscale/bitonal images. Enhance OCR from black-and-white images while retaining color images for archiving

Simple to use, simple to integrate with your business environment

Send smarter information to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, Microsoft SharePoint, and secure FTP to simplify workflow and processes

Kodak Capture Pro Software automatically corrects and validates to ensure that you get quality images and information every tirne.

Kodak Scanner Models and Pages scanned


E1035 scans up to 4,000 pages per day


S2040 scans up to 5,000 pages per day


S2050 scans upto 6,000 pages per day


Kodak Scanner S2080w with recommended 12,000 pages per day


S2070 Scans up to 10,000 pages per day


i2900 scans up to 10,000 pages per day


Scan Station 730ex Scans up to 6,000 pages per day


S3060 Scans up to 25,000 pages per day


I3250 Scans up to 20,000 pages per day


S3120 Scans up to 50,000 pages per day


S3100 scans up to 45,000 pages per day

I3450 scans

I3450 scans 30,000 pages per day