Our Solutions


Our Solution encompasses strategies, methods, and tools used throughout the lifecycle of documents. It manages, organizes, stores and process organization's documents/content. Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing applications, and automates all manners of document workflow in an organization according to the organisation business process.


Our E-library Solution is fundamental to a modern library. It can be customized for a variety of library types. It creates custom knowledge solutions from electronic journals, e-books, e-references and databases from the world’s leading publishers and societies according to the specific research needs of the purchasing organisation. It provides greater access to information as all International and local libraries could be interlinked.


Our solution is able to extract data from source and convert it into manageable file formats (XML, TXT, and CSV) which can then be mapped, processed and sent to output, archive or loaded directly into your ERP for smart business process.


At Busicon Group we provided outsource scanning, data capture, document management, document conversion and processing services. Using our sophisticated high speed scanners and Capture software we have the capacity to scan over 60,000 pages per day and digitally archive a document from whatever format it is in, and convert it to an easy to-access format. Documents scanned are stored on a storage medium of your choice. We have specialized book scanners to delicately handle the scanning of even the most fragile book and documents without any physical contact to the original pages. This can be done in either grayscale or color. Our scanning services can be performed either off-site or on-site at any of your location of your choice.


Our solution for high volume Storage and Archiving involves the use of a high-capacity optical storage device which provides reliable, long-term (over 50 years), flexible and secure access to data, with scalable capacity. It Stores financial records, x-ray photographs, law files, scanned documents, HD videos, CCTV footage etc


We have industrial shredders that are able to shred large amounts of documents at the same time which ensures that are company's secrets or client information are destroyed appropriately and kept hidden. We have an experienced team of people who are well equipped with the right procedures of destroying company documents.

File, personnel, asset tracking (rfid) solution

Our radio frequency identification (rfid) based solution provides a browser-based file tracking, workflow and management solution for tracking various items (books, files, computer sytems, general equipment and other traceable objects. The built in automation/technology gives your organisation a complete management solution for both physical and electronic files, personnel whereabouts and asset records.

Physical Archiving/Storage

  • Relocation of Archives Resources
  • Archive Re-organization
  • Archive of physical documents off client premises
  • Records Management
  • Logistics for physical document delivery and retrieval/collection from clients offices

Consultancy and Training

We equally provide Professional Advice and Training (locally and internationally) on all facets of Business Solutions with the help of our well certified professionals.